The 7 Smartest Ways to Update Your Logo (With Examples)

When it comes to logo redesigns, most designers hurry to scrap the old logo—especially if they didn’t create the original. They want to make their mark on the brand’s identity, not clean up another designer’s work.

But in reality, scrapping the entire logo can injure customers’ brand recognition. It destroys the image they’ve grown accustomed to, forcing them to rebuild their perceptions from scratch.

To keep customers from staging a mutiny (and to keep yourself from doing unnecessary work), you need to learn how the world’s best and brightest companies are redesigning their logos. Here are 7 great examples:


Marriott’s new logo draws on its predecessor’s best qualities: its warm color and bold M. The updated design features the scripted maroon M above the hotel’s sans serif name. These contrasting fonts emphasize the bold letter.


Bacardi took a page out of the history books; its Darwinian-style bat logo was originally used in 1931. This gives modern designers two great lessons: retro is “in,” and never write off a brand’s past.

TGI Friday’s

TGI Friday’s old logo was busy: random lowercase letters, extraneous punctuation, and a weird shape resembling a wild west saloon’s rooftop. The new logo is a great example of simplification, with its smooth shape and all-caps font.

Pizza Hut

Pizza Hut’s old logo used four colors—which was a little distracting. The new logo only uses two colors and a new round shape that hems in the text.

Morton Salt

Morton Salt has a long company history. Rather than abandon that history, the updated logo kept its old icon and colors—the designers just streamlined it with lighter lines and a more modern style.


MailChimp’s playful personality shows up in its wordmark logo—a logo style that many brands use. The redesign kept that youthful script, but streamlined the letters to make it more readable.


Fandango’s new logo has a lighter blue font with tighter kerning. But the real treat is its icon: two F’s in the shape of a movie ticket. Adding hidden meanings like this helps keep audiences engaged with a logo.

With these great examples to guide you, you’re ready to revamp your logo. You can also partner with a logo redesign service to help you choose the best redesign strategy for your brand.