20 Tutorials on How to Design a Logo

Logo Designing has become a very in thing of late. However, the question here is how easy is it for a layman to go ahead and design a logo for himself. The good news here is that one click on the Internet and you will come across a good number of tutorials that are believed to play in central role in assisting individuals to design a logo at large.

In absence of these tutorials the entire logo designing process is definite to turn into a tedious and highly time consuming affair. Moreover, there are also high chances of you loosing on the right direction and missing out on the correct procedure of logo designing if you decide to turn a blind eye on these tutorials on How to Design a Logo. Above all, you would not be required to start from scratch or conduct an in-depth research as these tutorials are known to offer an holistic view into the concept of logo designing.

If you take out time and thoroughly go through these tutorials, then you can even consider making logo designing a full time, part time or freelance profession for yourself. In order to make your logo designing activity a cakewalk we have put together some of the best 20 tutorials on how to design a logo for your help and reference.

Tutorials on How to Design a Logo:

Here are some Logo Design Tutorials that will tell you how to design a logo.

How to Create a Personal Logo That Makes Your Friends Jealous:

How to Create a Personal Logo That Makes Your Friends Jealous - See more at: http://www.companyfolders.com/blog/creating-personal-logos-graphic-designers#sthash.E0lOdmZq.dpuf

Logo Design Project Step by Step Walkthrough:

Logo Tutorials

How to Design the Firefox Logo in Photoshop:

Design a Logo

Design a Print-Ready Beer Label in Adobe Illustrator:

Design Logo

Dache: Logo Design Process:


Sikbox Logo Design Process:


Logo Design (video Tutorial):


EURO 2008 Logo Design:

Euro Logo

Creating a Crazy Cool Logo:

Crazy Cool Logo

Step-by-step logo:

Step-by-step logo

Logo Design Process and Walk-Through for Vivid Ways:

Logo Design Process

Papercraft Text Effect:

Papercraft Text Effect

Create a Fly Logo Design, Part 2:

Create a Fly Logo Design

Mac OS X Logo:

Mac OS X Logo

Euroleague 3D Logo:

Euroleague 3D Logo

Umbrella Corporation logo:

Umbrella Corporation logo

Create an Origami Logo:

Create an Origami Logo

3D Logo Tutorial:

3D Logo Tutorial

Cool Music Logo on a Grunge Background:

Cool Music Logo on a Grunge Background

How to Make an Awesome Logo:

How to Make an Awesome Logo

Create Rainbow Logos with Warped Grids:

Create Rainbow Logos with Warped Grids